I Empower Clients For Rapid and Dramatic Performance Improvement

I work with organizations in four distinct but connected arenas:

Sales: I'm an expert in empowering sales professionals and organizations to dramatically grow their sales--while building an exceptional life at work and home. I combine my experience as a former psychotherapist and my current work as a stratgic results coach to remove the cause of low performance and unleash the swagger inside every individual or team. It's there, but few sales professionals or their managers know how to find and develop it. I can show you how to do that.

Non-Sales: I also work with organizations who want all their people to know that (practically speaking) we're all in sales. If you can't sell yourself to others by connecting with them and influencing them, you won't go far. You deserve to work and live your life with vision, confidence, pride and a sense of achievment. Every team deserves to "roar" and when they have team swagger, you'll know it.

Small Businesses Owners/Key Leaders: Having swagger isn't a function of size--it comes from knowing who you are and sharing your powerful self and the value you offer with others. When you tell your story, in your own voice, others will listen and say, "I didn't know it but that's what I've been looking for." As the founder/owner or as a key leader, your people depend upn you for their development and success. Give them what works and they will give you what you need to grow your profits, brand and market share.

Solo Professionals: If you're providing a professional service in consulting, coaching marketing or speaking you know you're actually in the sales business. For instance, you're not really in the consulting business or speaking business--you're in sales first and foremost. Click on my "testimonial tab" above and read about uber marketer/consultant/author Nick Usborne and you'll find out how I coached him to a whole new level of sales and profits. Nick's clients have included Disney, Citibank, Apple, Chrysler and New York Times.

Personal note to managers and senior executives:

If your team isn't doing amazing work, if they don't love what they do and who they do it with, if they're avoiding conflict, not sharing information, power and credit, if trust is hurting, your team's swagger quotient is weak.


It's what sets the top performers from all the rest.

You know it when an individual, team or organization has it because you can feel their positive energy.

It begins with the relationship you have with yourself, your self-concept.

Swagger is about valuing yourself and having the unshakable belief that others will be better off from working with you.

People with swagger have no need for drama, manipulation or excuse-making.

They come from a place of positive energy (my definition of happiness) that is directed by a vision and drive for doing exceptional work and a living a life of meaning and fulfillment.

You want to be around them because, not only because of how they feel about themselves, but because of how you feel about yourself when you are around them.

People want to be around those that have swagger because it brings out the best in them.

They listen.

They ask questions.

They create relationships based upon mutual respect, trust and long-term results.

They have mastered their inner game and have the performance to demonstrate it.

Swagger is a mindset; it's about the inner game that fuels the outer game.

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