About Alan

The Short Story

I am an expert in changing human behavior and sales performance.

(I'm honored to be on Integrity Solutions Top 10 Sales Influencers: https://www.integritysolutions.com/insights/blog/sales-influencers-2020

The fact is, to raise sales performance, you have to address the behavior that drives the performance.

And few sales leaders/managers have the knowledge or skill to do that.

That's our reality even if it's blunt.

It shouldn't surprise us.

Just because a manager was a star performer doesn't mean he or she can get top performance out of someone who is struggling or even doing well but stuck on a plateau.

Where would they have learned to do that?

For most, the answer is, "Nowhere."

So, where did I learn what I know about dramatic performance improvement?

Before I became a sales performance expert, I was (don't judge me!) a therapist in private practice in the Chicago suburbs.

My twelve years of experience as a therapist gave me insight into the science of human behavior and human performance.

Essentially I discovered how to quickly identify hidden internal obstacles (everyone has them, even ultra-high performers) and eliminate them

I learned how to unlock deeper potential in individuals and teams of people—whether that team is at work or at home.

For the past ten-plus years, I've applied my deeper understanding of human performance to rapidly and dramatically improving sales performance.

I enable salespeople to go beyond their hidden limitations and make bigger sales and do it consistently.

The Longer Story

I grew up in a military family until age 16, moving every two to four years and my favorite years were the four years we lived in Italy.

Fast forward to high school where I met my wife — I saw her on stage rehearsing for a play, fell hard for her—and we married three years later during college.

We have two amazing adult daughters, two incredible sons-in-law, three grand-daughters all under age four and a grandson three months old that call us "Mimi" and "Pops." (okay, the grandson isn't talking yet!)

But back to sales and selling.

I grew up reading books about selling and developed enormous respect for sales and sales professionals.

I had a deep passion for helping people to learn and grow, and interestingly enough, my first career was as a minister.

However, in five years I knew that wasn't the right fit for me.

I went into sales—first with Metropolitan Life Insurance and then Motorola.

That's where my career took another turn.

My wife asked me, "Why haven't you ever done anything with your graduate degree in psychology?"

I thought about it and realized it was because I didn't think I could make a good living (translated, "Money") as a therapist.

After more thought, I took an entry-level job in the mental health field and a year later began a part-time private practice as a therapist.

Three months into that I went full time and discovered I was wrong about making good money.

I continued my private practice for twelve years in Naperville, IL.

That's where I learned how to rapidly help people change things they didn't think they could change.

Along the way, I gained insights into human performance, behavior change, and what it takes to be truly happy at work and in life.

I never diagnosed a patient—my strategy was to help them get clear on their ideal future and how to make it happen.

In reality, I was coaching before coaching became a profession.

Eventually, I began to focus on helping salespeople sell more.

That turned into specializing in helping the strong performers go beyond their current success and onto higher levels of what was possible for them.

I finally figured out how to merge my passion for helping people with my love for sales and salespeople.

Workshop Topics:

  • Sales Leader/Manager As Coach: How to Coach Elite Sales Performance
  • The Mental and Emotional Game of Selling: How Top Performers Play Ther Best Game
  • The Art of Self-Coaching: How to Ramp Up Your Performance and Sell Boldly
  • Rejection Immunity: Prospect and Sell With this Superpower

I have coached or trained employees from organizations such as Alcatel-Lucent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Brickman, American Cyanamid, Ashford University, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Kraft, The F.B.I., The U.S. Marshals Service, Hershey Hotel, Marriott, The Chicago Tribune and American Red Cross.

I have been quoted in media outlets such as the The New York Times, New York Post, U. S. News and World Report, The California Executive, The CBS Interactive Business Network/BNET.com, and People Magazine.  I'm a former writer for The Official World Poker Tour Magazine on the psychology of poker. I was also a  frequent guest coach expert for www.womenworking.com from 2011 to 201.

My audio program, Enlightened Happiness: Seven Keys to Creating an Exceptional Life addresses different content than my book and has convenient 15-minute segments to listen to while driving or exercising.

Sales professionals too often get lost in the challenge and stress of their sales job and they need practical tools to be resilient and to play a strong mental game.

Contact me today or by phone (678-778-9012) or by using the "Contact" button at the top of this page or via email: alan@alanallard.com

Comments From Others About Alan:

From a Sales Manager

"Alan's coaching has been key in my moving forward in not only my career but also in dramatically changing my personal life. I now have a new job at almost twice my previous income. Alan was the perfect 'GPS' that pinpointed exactly where I was and how to get to where I wanted to be. It is worth the time--and worth so much more than the investment." Frank Cole, Sales Manager

From a Regional Sales Manager:

"When I think about what great coaches do, they have one thing in common. They bring out the very best a person has to offer. Alan has a very keen ability to discover, unlock, and foster those from within. His specific and customized approach has been extremely impactful in my life.

As a result of working with Alan, I have been the beneficiary of an increased level of confidence, much more effective communication and the ability to bring both my personal and professional life into high definition.

The most exciting results for me however, lie in the gains that have been produced within my relationships and ability to lead individuals in a large and complex environment. In today's business when truly positive sustainable results are at a premium, I can think of nothing that has been more rewarding to that end than the coaching I have received from Alan." Scott Watson, Regional Sales and Operations Manager, The Brickman Group

From A District Manager In Prudential Insurance Company:

"Thank you for the recent seminar you conducted for our sales representatives. Your message was both well targeted and received. The feedback that I've gotten from my associates is already overwhelmingly positive.

In our business, dealing with emotions and attitudes is most essential to success. That is why I believe your message was most appropriate for my representatives. They constantly have to deal with rejection, call reluctance and the emotional highs of their successes. Therefore, dealing with their emotions in these areas will certainly benefit them in their sales effort. Once again, Alan, I look forward to a continued relationship." Richard R. Mittman CLU, ChFC, District Manager, The Prudential

From A Top ReMax Realtor:

"I have experienced many workshops and seminars in the past 10 years, but none that has had the impact on me like this one. Your vast knowledge, sincere interest, and distinct teaching style made all the difference. You have empowered me to take my business and personal life to new heights, and I am grateful!" Christopher Cobb, Re/Max of Naperville, IL