Superman’s Strategies For Reaching Your Dreams

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I haven’t seen the new Superman movie yet, but I have watched three interviews with actor Henry Cavill, who is our new Superman. Here are three insights I’ve gained from listening to the newest Clark Kent:


 • Even "Superman" has setbacks.

Henry talked about the long road he travelled to get to his epic role in Superman. In 2002, he was being considered for Superman: Flyby, but the project stalled out. Three years later, Henry lost out to Daniel Craig for the role of James Bond. Along the way, he was also considered for roles in a Harry Potter movie and for the Twilight saga but lost out on those as well. But these rejections did not hold Henry back. The lesson: Are you rebounding from your setbacks?

• Others want you to succeed.

When Henry was 16, he was an extra for the movie Proof of Life, starring Russell Crowe. After asking Russell for advice on his acting career, he received a package along with a written note of encouragement, “Dear Henry, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” –Russell. The lesson: Do you allow others to help you succeed?

• Challenge yourself. 

Henry talked about the incredible determination and commitment it took for him to finally achieve his biggest role yet. He recounted times earlier in his career when it didn’t seem he would ever make it as an actor--but he refused to settle. His success in playing Superman was not guaranteed, and failing in his new role would not be without consequences. The lesson: Are you settling instead of going after what you want?

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  1. TJ Trent


    Great article! I would also add:

    1. In detail, clearly list your dreams/vision

    2. Establish goals/priorities

    3. Break it up into smaller goals and work towards achieving those goals.

    • Alan Allard

      Good additions to our discussion TJ, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Dan Black

    Great post, I'm looking forward to watching the movie some time soon. I've learned the importance and value of having people around me, they provide advice and help me move toward my dreams. Great post Alan!

    • Alan Allard

      Thanks Dan. Few people give careful thought to the impact of those we are around the most.

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