What Are Your Rules For Happiness?

Published on December 22, 2012 by

If you want to add more happiness to your life, take a minute and ask yourself this question: "What are my rules for happiness?"

If you don't think you have any rules for when it's okay to be happy or how happy you can allow yourself to be, think again. Your rules might not be conscious, but that doesn't mean you don't have any. We all do. Here are three common rules, even if they don't initially seem to be rules:

  • I'll be happy when...
  • I would be happier if...
  • I'm usually happy until...

To really discover if you subconsciously have any of these rules, write them out and finish the sentence with whatever pops in your mind. Keep writing answers down as they pop into your mind and then go to the next rule.

Here's the thing about rules; we think they are important and should be followed. You have to make up your own mind about that, but you would probably agree that some rules should be changed.

What if you changed the three rules above to "I am happy for no good reason and I'm going to stay that way!" What if you realized that you are happy (we are all happy about something) and you decided to pay more attention to when you feel happy? What if we got in the habit of doing that?

Why not think about what rules you have had about happiness? And then made up a new list; one that really rocked?

And before you leave, please leave a comment and share a "rule," a principle or an idea that would help all of us create and experience more happiness, fulfillment and joy.

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