Seven Secrets to Happiness! (New Kindle Book)

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What would it take for you to really love your life? For many of us, answering that question isn't as easy as it seems. Life has a way of shaking things up and rearranging everything--leaving us with uncertainty, confusion and a medley of emotions.

If we took a poll and asked a hundred people if they were happy, I think most would say they were. The thing is, I think most people are happy in some ways and not so happy in others. I also think many, if not most, would love to be happier.

At the very least, there is one or more areas of their life they would like to feel better about. Or they would like to have a sense of more meaning and fulfillment.

In one sense, wouldn't that apply to all of us? We can be happy and still want to learn how to be happier and be more consistent with living from that "place" we call happiness.

If that resonates with you, I have a new e-book you can get on Amazon for only $2.99: "Seven Secrets to Happiness!" and you can get it now at

In this book, I share what I have learned in over ten years as a psychotherapist and later as a personal coach and executive coach in helping people transform their lives. Many of my clients were dealing with incredible challenges and learned how to transcend them.

Other clients were doing well but knew they had aspirations and dreams they had not fully committed to. They wanted to change that and they did.In the process, they discovered levels of happiness, joy and confidence they had not experienced before.

I invite you to read "Seven Secrets to Happiness!" and see how you can get more out of life and how you can in turn help others to do the same. You will find practical and easy exercises in the book to help you do that and you will have a greater understanding of what happiness means to you and how you can increase your sense of happiness and well-being.

Happiness isn't easy or everyone would be happier--

"Seven Secrets to Happiness!" will shorten your learning curve and help you to create more happiness and success in your life today.

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  1. JoAnn Corley

    Excellent post Alan. These days I really think its thinking more in a way of how can I be happy vs. what makes me happy -two different approaches! And a guide of some sort is helpful. Thanks

    • Alan Allard

      JoAnn, I agree, the more effective question is "How can I be happy?" rather than what makes me happy. And thanks a million for how you are promoting "Seven Secrets to Happiness!"

  2. Steve

    Alan, it's encouraging to think that the "well of happiness" is a bottomless pit of sorts. In other words, there's really no limit to how much happiness one can have in their lives. I've always thought that, hey, you're either happy or your not. It didn't cross my mind that, even if you're happy, there's more happiness to be had. This sounds like a great read that would be well worth the couple bucks you're asking for!

    • Alan Allard

      Steve, I like your metaphor in "well of happiness." Thanks for stopping by.

      FYI: if you are reading this and you need help in creating a website/blog/wordpress site, you need to talk to Steve and check out his own site:

      He's easy to work with, innovative but practical...give him a call if you are in need of updating your site or blog.

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