I Enable Sales Performers to Achieve Higher Sales, Here's How

The pressing question in sales is most often, "How can we get more  sales?"

That makes sense because "Nothing happens in business until something gets sold." (Thomas Watson, Founder, IBM.)

We spend millions of dollars training salespeople to sell.

Yet, we continue to see about half of salespeople failing to meet their quota.

It's maddening, isn't it?

How do you explain the fact that all the workshops, all the books, all the product knowledge training, and all the sales meetings aren't making a dent in increasing sales?

Sure, there are exceptions but that just proves the point.

What are we missing?

What' we're missing is that to know how to change sales results, we have to know how to change the sales behavior creating the results we're getting.

We can tell salespeople to sell on value, not price. To ask for referrals. To listen and ask effective questions far more than they talk. To approach a senior level buyer with confidence, as a peer, not a subordinate or a vendor.

We can tell them they can't fill their pipeline unless they prospect consistently. We can give educate them on how to respond to objections on the phone while prospecting or in person during a conversation with a buyer.

Yes, we can tell them all that, and we do!

And you know what happens after all that "training"?

Sales remain about the same.

Now we're back to "What are we missing?"

The answer is to know how to change sales results, we have to know how to change the behavior creating the results we're getting.

I'm an expert in changing human behavior and in changing sales behavior.

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More sales require changed behaviors.

We can do that together.

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