How to Increase Sales

What's the biggest frustration sales managers and salespeople face?

Sales Leaders Tell Me:

"I know everyone on my team has the potential to sell more and that's fine. But I need results now!"

Salespeople Tell Me:

"My manager tells me I have more potential than my sales indicate. I  just don't know what's keeping me from doing better."

The Million Dollar Question:

"What's keeping salespeople from getting to their next level?"

By the way, that question includes high performers.

Even the top sales professional can hit a plateau and stay there for too long or indefinitely. 

What Explains Elite Performance?

To understand human performance, we have to look at what I call "the mental and emotional game" that drives the performance.

The fact is that high performance is first and foremost a state of mind.

And THAT explains why most salespeople fail to prospect nearly enough.

Or why they're afraid to ask for the sale.

And why they cave on their price.

"Mindset" tells us why most salespeople don't feel like they're equal to a prospect, why they're intimidated by senior level prospects and why they are so often considered a vendor and a commodity.

But wait, there's more!

The mental and emotional game of selling explains why salespeople fear being "rejected". 

The truth is that selling is really a mental and emotional game.

What goes on inside the mind of a high performer is different than what goes on in the mind of the average performer.

Elite Performers Have an Edge

The fact is that high performers DO have an edge.

Their edge is what I call Emotional Firepowerand it's the ability to control their emotions to achieve elite performance.

It's a big part of their mental game.

It's also where far too many salespeople are weak.

The Elite Performers Mental Game: 

  • CERTAINTY:  High performers expect to succeed and that's why they are able to stay the course during setbacks, and challenges.
  • SELF-VALUE: High performers know what they are worth and that deep feeling inspires their sales communication and behaviors.
  • REJECTION IMMUNITY™: High performers are immune to rejection and setbacks. Not 100% but they're fairly bulletproof.
  • EMPATHY: High performers don't think about"making the sale." They think about making a difference and that comes through loud and clear in how they talk, act, and serve.
  • VISION: High performers think BIGGER than everyone else.
  • SUPPORT: High performers get the support they need. Get the right support and everything changes.

These six traits don't cover everything but they explain a lot when it comes to high performance and elite performance.

Can a High-Performance Mindset Be Developed?

The question is, "Can we develop a high-performance, relentless, and "think bigger!" mindset?"

Yes, we can.

Let's start a conversation about how to get your team (or you) playing from a fearless and certain mental and emotional game and sell more--and have more fun doing it.

Give me your toughest questions, frustrations or opportunities to break past records.

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