In Sales, the Mental Game Drives Performance

How good are most salespeople or business owners at:

  • Bouncing back from rejection, setbacks, and failure
  • Maintaining strong performance in the face of disruptive emotions and life challenges
  • Asking for the sale (or referrals) with confidence
  • Relating to the buyer as a peer/expert advisor
  • Sticking to their price when the prospect pushes back
  • Gently challenging buyers and prospects
  • Talking less, really listening, asking more questions
  • Leading the sales conversation with poise and confidence

Elite performers have an edge when it comes to the challenges desribed above.

That edge is their ability to think, feel, and perform at the top of their game when they face rejection or they're hit with a big challenge.

The best performers cut through disruptive emotions quickly and move into action.

The question is, "Can we help other salespeople be radically resilient, fearless, and relentless in their sales performance?

Yes, we can. And here's how I know that: 

I'm a former therapist.

And yes, I know that most therapists don't know anything about the challenges of selling.

But I had to sell myself and the value of my service because I had a private practice--and, I didn't take insurance.

That's because I needed my clients to be committed to their own success.

Many of them were salespeople or business owners who needed to increase their sales.

They came in initially because of personal challenges such as burnout, depression, anxiety, or because of marriage problems. 

They were dealing with some of life's biggest challenges and those challenges limited their business success.

It turned out I was good at helping them get radically resilient and increase their sales and personal happiness even before they turned their crisis around.

Along the way I discovered that salepeople and business owners need to know how to control their mindset and their emotions in the face of challenge, setbacks, and rejection at work and in life.

My clients worked in all kinds of industries: Insurance, pharmaceutical sales, medical devices, recruiting, real estate, consulting, manufacturing and more.

If the skills and outcomes I enable my clients to create are relevant to you or your team, let's talk about how I can help you.

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