I Enable High Performers to Master Their Happiness To Fuel Their Success


Most people envy high performers for their achievements and success.

Yet, many high performers suffer under the weight of their success:

  • Ongoing Stress and Overwhelm
  • Focus and Performance Slipping a Bit
  • Feeling Burned-Out a Bit (Or More)
  • "Depression"/Lost Mojo
  • Marriage/Relationship Distress
  • Loss of Meaning or Fulfillment
  • Not So Happy Anymore

All the above is incredibly common among entrepreneurs, elite performers, and overachievers.

If that's you, I can help you.

Even if you've gotten help before and that help failed you.

If you're thinking that's a big claim, you're right.

Yet, I can say that and mean it.

I'm that rare coach who is a former therapist and I can help you get your happiness back and be even more successful. 

(Happiness is the fuel for success, not the other way around.)

I had a private practice for twelve years in the Chicago Western suburbs, mostly in Naperville.

That's where I gained unique insight and experience enabling clients to turn things around quickly and thrive.

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