Fearlessness: Fuel for High Sales Performance

The Fear of Rejection is the Biggest Obstacle to Dramatically Improving Sales.

Fear of rejection stops salespeople from:

  • Prospecting consistently
  • Effective prospecting
  • Asking for the sale
  • Asking for referrals
  • Sticking to their price
  • Gently challenging buyers and prospects
  • Selling bigger 

"Rejection" is subjective and high performers handle it differently than average performers.

Yet, it's a skill that can be learned like any other skill.

I'm a former therapist and that's when I discovered how to help salespeople develop what I call Rejection Resiliency™.

Before that I specialized in helping client develop breakthrough resiliency to overcome depression, anxiety, post traumatic disorder, extreme loss in life and how to thrive in the most demanding situations at work and in life.

I began to apply what worked in those areas to enable salespeople to be fearless in their prospecting and selling.

If you want to create a mindset of fearlessness by mastering rejection, let's talk about how I can help you.

My insight into human perforance applied to sales improvement for you or your sales team is practical, easily learned, and will bring in sales faster.

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