High Sales Performance Is a State of Mind, First and Foremost

I enable salespeople to develop the number one skill necessary for high sales performance:


Radical resilience, in fact.

Most salespeople don't handle rejection, setbacks, and their own fears well. That means they fail to:

  • Prospect consistently
  • Ask for the sale and for referrals
  • Relate to the buyer as a peer/expert advisor
  • Stick to their price
  • Gently challenge buyers and prospects
  • Talk less, really listen, ask more questions
  • Lead the sales conversation with confidence

Even high performers struggle at times to get to their next level of success because of their own fears and disruptive emotions.

The question is, "Can we help salespeople be more fearless and relentless in the sales behaviors that create sales success?

Can we help salespeople gain control over "disruptive emotions?"

Yes. And here's how I know that: 

I'm a former therapist.

If you're tempted to roll your eyes, I get it. 

What does a therapist know about the harsh realities of selling?

It turns out I knew a few things.

Admittably, I wasn't your typical therapist.

I was in a private practice and I didn't take insurance.

My clients paid out of their own pockets.

In essence, I was in a 100% sales job in Naperville, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

There was a reason I required my clients to pay for my services out of their own pockets:

I needed them to be committed to their own success.

More and more of my clients were salespeople who wanted to end "self-sabotage" and unlock their real potential.

Many came in because of personal challenges such as depression, anxiety, or they were on the road to burnout, especially high performers.

With my help, they became proactive, resilient, and nothing stopped them from achieving the life they wanted.

What I did worked in all kinds of sales industries: Insurance, pharmaceutical sales, medical devices, recruiting, real estate, consulting, manufacturing and more.

I discovered salespeople want to be fearless and resilient.

They want to sell more.

They just need a little help.

They need to know how to control their mindset in the face of rejection.

If that is relevant to you or your team, let's talk about how I can help you.

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