I Enable High Sales Performers to Achieve Higher Sales Without Sacrificing Their Life

The pressing question in sales is most often, "How can we get more  sales?"

We keep asking that question because what we're doing isn't cutting it.

Yet, there's one effective solution that's so obvious we don't see it.

The key to more sales, faster sales, and bigger sales is to tap into your best performers, not your average ones.


Because they are in the best position to grow faster than the others.

That's why I work with strong performers to take their mental game higher and achieve new levels of sales and personal fulfillment.

In business at large, don't we identify our strongest performers and invest heavily in them.

That makes perfect sense.

Why not do that with our best sales performers or the ones who've demonstrated they're close to it?

It's time we focus on the higher performers—but not in the way it's often done.

Yes, keep giving them bonuses, send them on elite company trips and so on.

Yet, all that is still not substantially raising sales.

We have to understand o that higher performers have unique needs and motivations.

They have two needs that often go unnoticed and unmet:

  • The need for more support—the right support, the kind they want and need, delivered consistently
  • The need to be challenged—in the right way, at the right time

Two of the biggest mistakes companies make is assuming they're meeting the needs of their best performers.

The fact is most elite performeres need to be challenged and supported more—in ways they feel works for them.

Why do high performers need this?

Becuase even uber performers have internal limitations and blind spots.

In fact, their success can blind them to their greater potential.

But is it reasonable for you to ask more from them?


More than that, it's your responsibility as a leader or manager.

Your job is to challenge and support your best performers to go beyond their current performance.

Of course, you can't ignore your average, or underperforming, salespeople

But if you focus on them more than you do your best performers—as is most often done—your sales might go up, but it won't be worth writing home about.

Get ten percent more sales from a million dollar producer and you get a one hundred thousand dollar increase in overall sales.

Get ten percent more from a half-million dollar producer and you only get a fifty thousand dollar increase in overall sales.

That's good, but it's still just half of what you could have had.

What if you give your high performers what they need to create higher results but in a way that gives them more energy and fulfillment, not less?

Hmmm, now you're on to something.

However, you can't just raise their quota and expect your sales to go up.

The question is, "What do strong performers need to inspire them to their next level of success and even happiness?"

You can't mandate something like this.

But you can offer special resources to the ones that really want to discover what more is possible for them.

If you want to have a discussion about that, let's talk.

We'll have a thought-provoking and eye-opening discussion—minus any obligation or pressure.

Let's start a conversation about unlocking the greater sales potential of your best performers.

Contact me today at 678-778-9012 or at alan@alanallard.com.

At the very least we're going to have a conversation that will give you unique insights into dramatically increasing your sales.

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