Be Bulletproof to Rejection, Fearless, and Radically Resilient In Your Prospecting and Selling:

Elite performers have a superpower: Radical Resilience.

That's the power to persist, bounce back fast, and win against the odds.

Yet,  many salespeople admit to letting rejection stop them from:

  • Prospecting consistently
  • Asking for the sale and for referrals
  • Relating to the buyer as a peer/expert advisor
  • Sticking to their price
  • Gently challenging buyers and prospects
  • Talking less, really listening, asking questions
  • Leading the sales conversation with confidence

Can we help salespeople get over their fear of rejection, setbacks and even failures?

Yes, and here's how I know that: 

I'm a former therapist and I know how to build the resilient, unstoppable, unflappable mindset of a high performer.

I've done that with salespeople in insurance, pharmaceutical sales, medical devices, recruiting, real estate, consulting, manufacturing and numerous other industries.

I enable salespeople to be fearless and resilient in their prospecting and selling.

They create and close more sales opportunities through consistent prospecting, setting meetings, gaining commitment each step of the way, and asking for and getting strong referrals.

If that is relevant to you or your team, let's talk about how I can help you.

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