How to Increase Sales

Do you (or your team) need to increase your sales?

By far, most will say, "Yes, of course."

According to our best research, about half of all salespeople fail to hit their quota.

And guess what--the salespeople who do hit quota usually perform at about the same level year after year--they're not getting to their "next level".

If you're wondering how to fix that, consider this:

Sales performance is 80% about the mental game. 

Of course, product knowledge, an effective sales model and process, knowing how to respond to "objections," business acumen--all of that is important.

But what is more critical is the sales professional's mental game that dictates how much he or she executes on what they know.

Consider this:

Salespeople already know to...

  • Prospect more ("But I'm so busy taking care of my customers/clients!")
  • Ask for referrals ("I was going to but...")
  • Ask for the sale instead of freezing up ("The timing wasn't right!")
  • Listen more than they talk ("I couldn't get her to open up.")
  • Sell on value instead of discounting price ("I was afraid I was going to lose the sale.")
  • Be bolder, more assertive ("I didn't want to be pushy.")
  • Show up as the expert, not the vendor ("But I need the sale!")

Salespeople know to do ALL these things.

But they don't.  Not consistently. If they did they'd be making their quota.

How do we fix that?

How do we help salespeople execute on what they already know to do?

I'm happy to have that discussion with you.

Let's start a conversation.

Give me your biggest challenge in getting yourself or your salespeople to execute the sales behaviors that lead to more sales.

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