Bio of Alan Allard

Alan Allard is an expert in sales performance and the author of the soon to be published book The Second Question: How to Dramatically Improve Your Production and Income. 

He is an executive coach empowering sales leaders, sales managers and sales professionals to dramatically increase their sales.

Alan gives sales professionals the tools to master the "Mental Game" of selling and remove the hidden barriers that prevent them from performing at higher levels.

Workshop Topics:

  • Sales Leader As Coach
  • The Mental Game of Selling: The Secret to Thriving in Sales
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Inner Game of Elite Sales Performers

Alan has coached or trained employees from organizations such as Lucent Technologies, the Centers for Disease Contro and Prevention, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Brickman, American Cyanamid, Ashford University, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Kraft, The F.B.I., The U.S. Marshals Service, Hershey Hotel, Marriott, The Chicago Tribune and American Red Cross.

Alan has been quoted in media outlets such as the The New York Times, New York Post, The California Executive, The CBS Interactive Business Network, and People Magazine. He was also a  frequent guest coach expert for from 2011 to 2016.

Alan is also the author of Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness: The Life You Were Meant to Live available in both soft cover and kindle edition on His audio program, Enlightened Happiness: Seven Keys to Creating an Exceptional Life addresses different content than his book and has convenient 15 minute segments to listen to while driving or exercising.

Alan grew up in a military family until age 16, moving every 2-4 years. He met his wife in high school and they now live in metro Atlanta. They enjoy trips to the mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina and spending time in Wilmington, N.C. and at the nearby beaches.

Alan is a former writer for the Official World Poker Tour Magazine on "The Psychology of Poker." He was also a frequent blogger and guest coach for

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Comments From Others About Alan:

"Alan's coaching has been key in my moving forward in not only my career but also in dramatically changing my personal life. I now have a new job  at almost twice my previous income. Alan was the perfect 'GPS' that pinpointed exactly where I was and how to get to where I wanted to be. It is worth the time--and worth so much more than the investment." Frank Cole

From a Regional Sales Manager:

"When I think about what great coaches do, they have one thing in common. They bring out the very best a person has to offer. Alan has a very keen ability to discover, unlock, and foster those from within. His specific and customized approach has been extremely impactful in my life.

As a result of working with Alan, I have been the beneficiary of an increased level of confidence, much more effective communication and the ability to bring both my personal and professional life into high definition.

The most exciting results for me however, lie in the gains that have been produced within my relationships and ability to lead individuals in a large and complex environment. In today's business when truly positive sustainable results are at a premium, I can think of nothing that has been more rewarding to that end than the coaching I have received from Alan."

Scott Watson, Regional Sales and Operations Manager, The Brickman Group


From A District Manager In Prudential Insurance Company:

"Thank you for the recent seminar you conducted for our sales representatives. Your message was both well targeted and received. The feedback that I've gotten from my associates is already overwhelmingly positive.

In our business, dealing with emotions and attitudes is most essential to success. That is why I believe your message was most appropriate for my representatives. They constantly have to deal with rejection, call reluctance and the emotional highs of their successes. Therefore, dealing with their emotions in these areas will certainly benefit them in their sales effort. Once again, Alan I look forward to a continued relationship." Richard R. Mittman CLU, ChFC, District Manager, The Prudential

From A Top ReMax Realtor:

"I have experienced many workshops and seminars in the past 10 years, but none that has had the impact on me like this one. Your vast knowledge, sincere interest, and distinct teaching style made all the difference. You have empowered me to take my business and personal life to new heights, and I am grateful!" Christopher Cobb, Re/Max of Naperville, IL


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