Thriving In Your Life and At Work

I work with individuals and organizations who want to create something powerful and deeply meaningful.

Something worth shaking things up for.

My background as a former psychotherapist in private practice for twelve years, and my seven years as an executive coach, have given me a deep understanding of the psychology of human behavior, motivation and peak performance in life and in work.

My private practice grew as my clients thrived and referred others who wanted positive change and transformation.

Some of my clients were in leadership positions in their companies and they said "I want to take what I've learned from you into my company. Can you help me with that?"

I said "I don't know, but let's get started and see what happens." It was an exhilarating journey. My clients changed how they were communicating and leading at work and the ripple effect was obvious.

Meanwhile, their personal lives kept improving. It's not that they never had any challenges to deal with, they did.

However, their responses to those challenges were altogether different. As they transformed from within, their circumstances changed from without.

Are you ready to transform something in your life or at work? If so, where do you begin?

You begin by assessing where you are.

As an individual, where are you in your life now--are you happy, fulfilled and thriving?

As a leader, where is your team now--compared to where they could be if they came to work with a vision of doing something worth challenging the status quo for?

Are you (in your personal life) or is your team at work...

  • Maintaining?
  • Growing?
  • Thriving?

I give my clients the  tools, support and guidance  they need to discover what is in the deeper recesses of their inner being.

Most of my clients come to me from a position of strength--they are doing quite well. However, some come to me because they need to get to that position of strength and they want to do so as quickly as possible..

What does that take?

Thriving begins with the courage to challenge your current situation.

Then you need a vision that requires you to tap into your greatness to bring it to life.

And to breath life into your vision, you have to take inspired action, one step at a time.

The time to do this is now. There is no need to wait until a crisis is brewing or is full blown. Now is the time to thrive.

Recently I was being interviewed on a Florida radio station on the topic of thriving in life and work. The host asked me a good question: "Alan, with all the challenges most people have at work and in other areas of their life, is thriving a realistic goal?"

My answer was a definite "Yes."

With that said, we need to rethink our understanding of what "thriving" is and how we go about it. We've been operating from an old model and and a shallow understanding  of what "success" is.

The old model gives us a distorted view of how life and work is meant to be.

The old model views and treats people as machines and gives very little attention to the human dimension of work and life. The irony is that the old model focuses on results, results, results, while ignoring what could create  even greater results; tapping into the human spirit.

The new model of enlightened success recognizes the importance of high performance and results, but it goes about it differently. With the new model, we can help each other create extraordinary results by tapping into our need to bring who we are to a community doing meaningful work.

When you give people a place to apply their talent, strengths and passion, they will blow your expectations away.

In your personal life, when you discover what your deeper motivations in life are and find a way to unleash them, you will have unbounded energy to create an inspired life.

You will also respond to challenges in a way that uses them to transforms them into opportunities for growth and greater success and well-being. That's what thriving is all about..

Thriving begins on the inside before it shows up on the outside. It's about having a strong sense of self-worth, self-confidence and knowing who you are and what you want.

That's true for an individual, team or company. It's about doing work that is meaningful and rewarding, it's about  feeling a sense of community at work,  it''s about connecting deeply with family and friends and it's about living with purpose and passion.

Thriving is a mindset  of oppportunity, empowerment, and abundance in all forms. Thriving is about being happy with who you are, what you're doing and where you'r e going, whether as a individual or a team at work.

Thriving isn't about never having setbacks or failures; it's about being resiliant and having the power to learn, grow and transform from the setbacks and failures.

Thriving is about who you are becoming in the process. People who thrive don't have lesser problems than those who are just maintaining--they simply believe in their ability to learn and profit from  their challenges

I help individuals and organizations thrive. I am an expert in human behavior, change dynamics and transformational coaching..

  • For Individuals: Do you have a vision for what your life that is so magnetic it pulls you into its gravitational force? Or have you been selling yourself short, thinking, "My life isn't so bad." What about the greatness inside of you calling out to be recognized and nurtured? Isn't it time to thrive? I can show you how to get there.
  • For Organizations: We need great leaders; ones who know how to listen, connect and inspire. That's called Transformational Leadership, and it is entirely different than Transactional Leadership. The missing element in today's workplace is the human factor. The question is, how do you tap into the human dimension to produce dramatic results? I can show you how to do that.

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