Sales Performance and Human Potential

"How can we increase our sales?"

That's the question I get from sales leaders, sales managers, and sales professionals.

They ask me because I’m an expert in enabling high sales performers to achieve their next level of sales performance.

(And those ready to become high performers.)

When it comes to increasing sales, my experience has taught me two things:

  • Your higher performers are your fastest way to increase your sales
  • Your higher performers are capable of selling more than they (or their managers) think

However, left to their own devices, your high performers are likely to stay at their current level of sales.

That's human nature—and, of course, high performers are human.

You can get more sales from your high performers.

In fact, they're your best bet for increasing sales.

But is it reasonable for you to ask more from them?


More than that, it's your responsibility as a leader or manager.

Who else is going to empower your high performers to grow, to stretch, and to reach their next level?

So, focus more on your salespeople who are doing well and those who are the one percenters.

Of course, you can't ignore your average salespeople and the underperformers.

But if you focus on them more than you do your best performers—as is most often done—your sales might go up, but it won't be worth writing home about.

Get ten percent more sales from a million dollar producer and you get a one hundred thousand dollar increase to your sales.

Get ten percent more from a half-million dollar producer and you only get a fifty thousand dollar increase in overall sales.

That's good, but it's still just half of the sales increase you could have.

What if you gave your high performers what they need to go even higher?

That strategy will pay off.

However, you can't just raise their quota and expect your sales to go up.

The question is, "What do high performers need to inspire them to their next level of success?"

If you want to have a discussion about that, let's talk.

We'll have a thought-provoking and eye-opening discussion—minus any obligation or pressure.

Let's talk about unlocking the real potential, the greater potential of your best performers.

Why not contact me today at 678-778-9012 or at

At the very least we're going to have a conversation that will give you unique insights into dramatically increasing your sales.

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