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I empower sales leaders, sales professionals and business owners for elite performance and an exceptional life.

I'm an expert in the "Mental Game" of selling for elite sales performance.

When I consult with or coach sales leaders, sales managers and sales professionals I ask them how their efforts to increase sales are going.

They usually say, "It's going okay, but that's not good. We still need more sales and we don't know what the solution is."

They're not alone. Sales leaders and managers have been doing their best to help salespeople sell more but the results are disappointing. They don't know what the soltuion is.

However, I do.

I know  because I'm a former psychotherapist from the Chicago suburbs (now in Atlanta) and that's where I learned what's really behind human performance, not only in life but also in sales.

When I began working with salespeople I discovered their lack of sales wasn't because they didn't know what to do . Salespeople fail to sell  o their potential because they fail to take consistent action.

But a lack of sales and a failure to take action are both symptoms, not the real problems. And we've been dealing with the symptoms when we need to deal with the cause.

The cause of low sales has to do with the mental game, the inner game of selling. It's about what goes on inside the head of the salesperson.

Elite performers know  the real driver of their success is their mental game. It's not their sales methodology or process or their sales techniques. Those are important and necessary buth they're not enough.

The missing piece to the sales puzzle is the  mental game of selling because selling is all about what goes on in a salesperson's head.

We need to turn the question, "How can I increase sales" to"How can I grow myself so I can grow my sales?


Human Performance and Elite Sales Performance Begins in the Mind

What is it that sets high performers from the rest? They've mastered their inner game and they can handle the rejection, the disappointments, the fear, the urge to procrastinate and the lure of the comfort zone.

They know the heart of selling is about their beliefs and about human emotions.


Selling is Emotional From Start to Finish

Sales success (and life success)  is about your emotions, your deep-seated beliefs and your ability to tap into both for elite performance. It's about your ability to harness the power of your beliefs and emotions.

It's about having the emotional power to move around the emotions that hijack the performance of too many salespeople.

Elite performers have setbacks and disappointments. However, if they lose a big client they know how to get beyond that initial emotional shock and back into action.

They've lerned how to make their emotions work for them.


Playing At the Top Of Your Game:

When I was a psychotherapist in private practice in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL, my clients were pilots,physicians,nurses, software engineers, police officers, executives--and  sales professionals.

I enjoyed working with clients from all different fields of work. But I discovered I loved working with sales professionals.

I identified with them--after all, in one sense, private practice is all about marketing and sales. If you can't get new clients you can't pay your mortgage.

Being in private practice made me realize sales requires a unique mindset. You have to make things happen. If you don't produce results you get replaced fast.

It's an exhilerating world when you're doing well and a challenge (mentally and emotionally) when you're not.

However, both thriving and surviving ocurr within, not without. Performance begins in the mind.

Elite performers show you circumstances/results don't have to determine how you feel, think or act.

Elite performers show you how you feel, think or act determines the results you get.

That's why I say, "Work on yourself first.  If you want to grow your sales, grow yourself first."

Work on your inner game. Get really good at it.

Then you will be able to play a bigger game. The game you want. A game you love playing.

If things are going well in all areas of your life and you want to be challenged, you're in the right place. The best time to play a bigger game is when you're at the top of your game.

If things aren't going as well as you'd like, in your sales results, your family, your personal happiness and sense of well-being, take action now.

Bring me your biggest challenge or opportunity--at the very least we're going to have an eye-opening and provocative conversation you will remember and put to use.

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