Unlocking Your Sales Potential and Performance

Sales leaders expect salespeople to sell—no surprise there—that's their job, to help salespeople sell.

To sell more. To sell faster. To sell bigger.

As a result, we're always asking, "How can we increase our sales?"

So we observe the high sales performers and then try to train everyone to do what they do.

We train them on crafting their value propositions, their stories, and we drill them on how to prospect and "answer objections."

We do all that to increase sales. But are sales going up? (Rhetorical question!)

Why isn't all our training fixing our sales problem?

Because—as you know— information alone doesn't change behavior.

We have salespeople who are better informed but not empowered.

To empower salespeople we have to address the human side of selling.

We must address human emotions.

The fact is, selling is all about emotions, from start to finish.

Our emotions either fuel our motivation or hijacks it.

Succeeding in sales takes incredible amounts of positive emotional energy.

It takes the ability to stay motivated, in action and on target no matter what.

That's the secret weapon of elite sales performers—their inner game—the quality of our thinking and emotions.

Strong sales performers have mastered:

  • Self-Value (They own their value as a human being and as a professional)
  • Vision (They think bigger)
  • Resilience (They are relentless )

All salespeople have challenges, pressure and defeats.

But the best of the best are unstoppable.

What if we trained and coached salespeople to be unstoppable in the face of rejection and the relentless pressure to sell?

What if we trained and coached them in the inner game of selling?

In fact, that's what I do.

Here's my story:

I'm a former therapist who learned how to transform people's inner game while they were under tremendous pressure from life's biggest challenges.

The truth is when we see our circumstances or challenges as bigger than ourselves, our confidence, vision and passion is blocked.

As a result, we fail to take effective action to create the results we want—and results—in any area of life— not just sales, demands effective action.

My therapy clients were playing a mental game of  "I can't succeed in this area of life."

They didn't lack the talent or the intelligence to change or succeed.

They lacked the inner game to create the results they wanted.

Did they need some tools and guidance as well? Yes.

But until they developed a strong inner game, they didn't use the tools or guidance they were given.

What does this have to do with salespeople?


Salespeople are simply people who happen to be in the business of sales.

The principles of human behavior, motivation and the principle of playing a strong mental game apply in all areas of life, especially in sales.

In the past year, I coached a salesperson who had sold the same amount of consulting services for the last five years. By elevating her mental game for sales (and life)  she grew her sales by sixty-seven percent. She wasn't doing poorly before—she just wasn't performing to her potential, not by a long shot.

She mastered the "inner game of selling," and became unstoppable.

She became unstoppable because she learned how to coach herself out of her doubts, insecurities and fears and into the behaviors that created more sales, much more.

My clients have told me I'm their sales therapist, but I'm not.

I'm their coach and I'm an expert in the inner game of selling. The mental game of selling. The emotional game of selling.

It's time to train and coach sales professionals in the mental game of sales, the inner game of selling.

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