Elite Sales Performance/Exceptional Life

I empower sales leaders, sales professionals and business owners for elite performance and an exceptional life.

In sales, as in life, we cannot not perform. And because performance always leads to results, we cannot ignore the results we're producing, whether it's our sales production, family, health, happiness or finances.

The question isn't "Are results important--are they  critical?"

The question is, "How can we rapidly get greater results in sales and in life?

Can we be dramaticially successful in our sales work, be connected with our family and friends, make a difference in our community and world and have a life we're really happy about?

Or is wanting that just wishful thinking ?

Playing At the Top Of Your Game:

When I was a psychotherapist in private practice in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL, my clients were pilots, physicians,nurses, software engineers, police officers, executives--and  sales professionals.

I enjoyed working with clients from all different fields of work. But I discovered I loved working with sales professionals.

I identified with them--after all, in one sense, private practice is all about marketing and sales. If you can't get new clients you can't pay your mortgage.

Being in private practice made me realize sales requires a unique mindset. You have to make things happen. If you don't produce results you get replaced fast.

It's an exhilerating world when you're doing well and a challenge when you're struggling.

However, both thriving and surviving ocurr within, not without. Performance begins in the mind.

Elite performers have mastered the inner game of sales.

Elite performers show you circumstances/results don't have to determine how you feel, think or act.

They work and perform from the inside out.

Elite performers show you how you feel, think or act determines the results you get.

That's why I say, "Work on your inner game. Get really good at it."

Then you will be able to play a bigger game. The game you want. A game you love playing.

If things are going well in all areas of your life and you want to be challenged, you're in the right place. The best time to play a bigger game is when you're at the top of your game.

If things aren't going as well as you'd like, in your sales results, your family, your personal happiness and sense of well-being, take action now.

Bring me your biggest challenge or opportunity--at the very least we're going to have an eye-opening and provocative conversation you will remember and put to use.

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