The Performance Edge: Mastering Your Inner Game



I am an expert in human behavior and performance improvement

for individuals, teams and organizations.

I enable my clients to dramatically and rapidly improve their performance.

If your performance stays the same, so will your results.

And if you want your results to change (the outer game) you have to change your inner game.

Elite athletes know that better than most.

Peak performers use experts on the inner game to reach higher levels of achievement.

Especially during times of pressure and stress.

Since we can't eliminate all pressure and stress--nor would we want to even if we could--it makes sense to learn how to use it to our advantage.

Pressure, stress and challenge is what elite performers thrive on.

You can do the same.

My cleints are experts on the "outer game," the "technical" aspects of their work--I'm an expert on the inner game.

For instance, the sales professionals and leaders I work with know their product, their sales process and methodology and the mehcanics of prospecting and marketing. They are experts in "What" to do.

Knowing what to do is rarely a problem.

Yet, many struggle with "How do I get myself to do what I know to do?"

Or "How do I get my team to the next level of performance and success?

When you read my client testimonials you'll find my clients saying (in one way or the other) that I coached them to do just that.

As you might suspect, there's a story behind how I got there.

I first learned about performance under pressure, stress and challenge when I was a psychotherapist in private practice. (That's a 100% commision job, by the way.)

The clients who came to me were under incredible pressure in on way or the other.

Of course, they didn't say, "I"m not peforming up to my potential  in life or at work--can you help me fix that?

They used words like "I feel burned out" (or "depressed"), "My anxiety is really bad," "I'm not where I thought I would be in my career," "My team isn't working well together " or "My marriage is in trouble--can you help me save it?"

Interestingly enough, whatever the "presenting problem" was, in a sense, my clients  had a performance problem--they weren't producing the results they wanted.

And some of my clients were sales professionals who weren't selling enough or had a manager that was awful and they didn't know how to not let him or her kill their sales performance.

Or they were having trouble at home or some other personal crisis and that was slowing or killing their performance and sales.

My clients brought me their (previously) unsolved problems. Performance problems, mental and physical.

That's how I learned what worked and didn't work in helping people create dramatic performance results.

It wasn't easy and my discoveries came over time as I worked with people.

One challenge was the very people who asked me for help unintentionally sabotaged the changes they wanted or the speed of it.

If you're a sales manager or senior executive, I know you get what I'm talking about.

If you're a team lead for a non-sales team, you know what I'm talking about.

People (especially sales professionals) want to make the changes necessary to perform at higher levels--but often they don't know how to do that.

And at work,  too many managers and leaders chalk under-performing to "They didn't use the training we just sent them to" or "They're not working hard enough" or "They just won't take my advice."

There's partial truth in all that.

But there's a bigger truth we need to see:

What we're doing isn't working that well.

This is especially true in the sales profession.

I know this because the sales people I've worked with had blocks to their performance.

I had to learn what worked and make it happen as fast as possible.

People want to create lasting results in all their life, to have meaning and purpose and they want to be happy and fulfilled.

In short, they want to unleash their ability to perform at high levels that lead to dramatic results.

And they deserve the help they need to get it and grow it.

If you have a sales team (or a non-sales team) and they're not unleashing their performance potential I can show you how to tap into it and let it flow.

If you want improved performance results in your personal life or significant relationship, I can get you there.

Call me or email me today if you want have a discussion about that.

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Take Action Now: We have an overall quotient of swagger for life and contextualized quotients for it. We can be happy and feel the swagger in certain areas of life but not others. For instance, we can have swagger at work but not at home. If you're not happy in any area of your life, that area will be a drag on other areas. That's because real happiness, having reserves of positive energy, is what fuels authentic swagger.

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