Sales Performance and Human Potential

Sales leaders and sales managers expect salespeople to sell more—no surprise—their job is to drive sales.

As a result, leaders, managers and sales professionals are thinking, "How can we increase our sales?"

That's a necessary question and my experience has given me unique insight into it.

I'm an expert in human potential and sales performance.

I help high performers (and those almost there) get to their next level of performance.

Here's one thing I've learned over the years:

Your highest performers have potential that's largely untapped.

We know that's true for most people—but few think it's true for the high performers.

They need your help to get to their next level of performance.

Whatever you're doing for your high performers, is it possible you're overlooking something that can enable them to do even better—maybe even much better?

The challenge is many sales leaders and managers are so busy thinking about and helping everyone else, the high performers don't get what they need to inspire them to their next level of performance.

With your help, your high performers are capable of dramatically increasing sales.

However, left to their own devices, your high performers aren't likely to do more than they're used to doing.

The question is, is it reasonable for you to ask more from them?

Think of it this way—you've heard the advice,  "If you want something done, ask a busy person."

That's counter-intuitive but it makes perfect sense.

They are the ones who know how to make things happen.

Applying this to sales, I say, "If you want more sales, look to your top performers."

Of course, you can't ignore your average salespeople and the underperformers.

But if you focus on them more than you do your best performers, your sales might go up, but it won't be worth writing home about.

Get ten percent more sales from a million dollar producer and you get a one hundred thousand dollar increase.

Get ten percent more from a half-million dollar producer and you get half that—that's good, but it's still just half of what you could have.

That's why you need to give more attention and help to your best performers—but in a strategic way.

You can't just raise their quota and expect your sales to go up.

You can't give your best performers what you give everyone else and expect their sales to go up.

They have more potential yes, but it's locked away somewhere and you have to discover the keys to open it up.

If you want to have a discussion about the intersection of human potential and sales potential of your high performers, let's talk.

We'll have a thought-provoking and eye-opening discussion minus any obligation or pressure.

Let's talk about unlocking the real potential, the greater potential of your best performers.

Let's talk about how to help your high performers get to their next level of sales production, faster and easier.

Why not contact me today at 678-778-9012 or at

At the very least we're going to have a conversation that will give you unique insights into dramatically increasing your sales.

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