What Others Are Saying About Alan

"Coaching with Alan was without a doubt one of the best decisions, and investments, I’ve ever made.  After a difficult divorce, moving to a new city and very uncertain about my financial and emotional future I started working with Alan. My sales increased sixty-seven percent over last year. Alan has a style I’ve never encountered before, and truthfully, I couldn’t explain it if I tried, but it worked! I am happier than I ever been. I am more focused than ever. I have better personal relationships than ever. I have made more money than ever. Trust is a word I don’t throw around lightly. I trust Alan" -Cindy Lynch, CEO, Six20 Partners.

"Alan is an exceptional sales performance expert. I use that phrase because the context whether coaching, speaking, or writing is just the outlet to the value he provides for those who engage him. You don't want to miss working him when a need arises! Each dollar you spend will have a return on investment 10 fold."

-JoAnn Corley, CEO, The Human Sphere

"When I think of coaching, I think of Alan Allard."

-Tony Heath, Ph.D, CPHQ (Top presenter at national conferences, Author, Certified Lean Black Belt, President of State Healthcare Quality Association.)

Alan is an elite coach, able to work on more levels to help someone than I would have thought possible (something that has to be experienced to really appreciate). This is particularly impressive in someone for whom results and performance are so clearly the bottom line. I have more than doubled my income, attained five job promotions/advancements and transformed my  "relationship with myself" (using his term) while working with him. -Rob Schlotthauer, Quality Process Improvement Leader

"Alan's coaching has been key in my moving forward in not only my career but also in dramatically changing my personal life. I now have a new job at almost twice my previous income. Alan was the perfect 'GPS' that pinpointed exactly where I was and how to get to where I wanted to be. It is worth the time and worth so much more than the investment."  Frank Cole, Sales Manager 

"When I think about what great coaches do, they have one thing in common. They bring out the very best a person has to offer. Alan has a very keen ability to discover, unlock, and foster those talents within. His specific and customized approach has been extremely impactful in my life. As a result of working with Alan, I have been the beneficiary of an increased level of confidence, much more effective communication and the ability to bring both my personal and professional life into high definition.

The most exciting results for me however, lie in the gains that have been produced within my relationships and ability to lead individuals in a large and complex environment. In today's business when truly positive sustainable results are at a premium, I can think of nothing that has been more rewarding to that end than the coaching I have received from Alan." Scott Watson, Regional Sales and Operations Manager, The Brickman Group

"Alan  helped me transform my life and achieve more than I ever thought I would be able to.  That's saying a lot because I am a high achiever and have had great success in my career and across the board. Coaching with Alan has helped me be more effective leader and communicator. I assure you Alan is not going to leave you with esoteric concepts that just make you feel good.  Alan is passionate about helping you or your organization THRIVE and he has delivered more value than what I have paid for.  If you want to thrive or you want your organization to thrive, Alan Allard is your coach!" -TJ Trent, MBA, BSIT- ISS, GSEC, GCED, GCIH, Network+, Security+, MCP 70-680

"Alan Allard is an exceptional executive coach, a skillful communicator and a highly effective facilitator of change. He has been the catalyst for significant personal growth and professional advancement in my life and in my vocation as a marketing professional. Most recently, I hired Alan as my executive coach. Our weekly coaching sessions over a very short span of time has led to a monumental paradigm shift in my personal fulfillment and the trajectory of my career.

Alan’s skillful coaching led me to aggressively and confidently pursue a senior executive position at a Top 5 financial services company in the U.S. Looking to find a right-fit job and a right-fit culture, I am now an integral member of a dynamic, innovative, employee-focused organization. Each were goals that Alan helped me to define, target, and acquire. Alan understands that maximizing performance begins with the alignment of clear goals, congruent values and useful beliefs.

He has the unique ability to help individuals optimize their self-confidence, clarify their vision, and re-tool their value system based upon useful beliefs. It takes a skilled coach to nurture inner confidence in order to bring about dramatic change in personal and professional performance. I will continue to recommend Alan without reservation or hesitation."  Clete Thompson, Vice President of Marketing 

Best money we every spent! For many years I was a stay-at-home mom, working part time jobs. As our children started moving on with their lives, I found the need to redirect my life and follow a career in the theatre, which I had the education but little experience to accomplish. When I started meeting with Alan, I was working as a professional re-enactor for a living history program. Alan has helped me have the confidence to pursue my passion to be a successful theatre dresser and a costumer. 

In a year's time, I have undergone a personal transformation in my thinking and as a result accept regular professional theater "gigs". He is very intuitive and has helped me to think "outside the box." At the same time, my husband had become increasingly unhappy in his job and his health was suffering because of it. Alan was instrumental in helping my husband to change careers and be happy and fulfilled. Alan has also been equally valuable to my husband and I in addressing and encouraging us to change issues that had hindered our marriage for 20 years.  Beth Staff, M.A., Lead Guide- History Comes Alive, Springfield IL. 

As a recipient of Alan's coaching, I can wholeheartedly say that I'm in a much better place, both professionally and personally. Alan guided me through some rough patches in regards to my self-confidence and really helped me become more aware of the gifts and strength already inside me. Alan's coaching has helped propel my long-time dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur into reality. He is not afraid to be brutally honest at times in order to eliminate self-sabotaging efforts. Alan's encouragement and motivation, in addition to his emphasis on personal accountability, provided the impetus to elevate me to higher ground on all levels.

Michelle Hill, Strong Copy QB at Winning Proof,  www.winningproof.com   (Michelle's clients include past and current pro athletes and coaches for professional football teams such as the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Oilers, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys.)

Note from Alan: If you need a copywriter or writer for your website, newsletter or -ebook/ book or speech, you need to talk to Michelle Hill.

"When I was transitioning from the number two position to President and CEO of my organization, Alan's coaching and insight was great in helping me make that transition more successful." Doug Hart Former Chicago Union President, SEU Local # 1, Chicago 

"Working with Alan has been an incredible life-transforming experience. I am a completely different person and a much happier person since working with him. I don't know too many people that are as insightful and absolutely brilliant as he is. Since working with him, incredible pathways and opportunities have opened up for me, and I have  the courage to take advantage of them."  Steve Pederson, Speaker, Author, Musician/Songwriter

The following is an article written by author and marketing expert Nick Usborne for his newsletter subscribers, describing his coaching experience with Alan: (Nick's clients have included Disney, Intel and other powerhouse companies.)

"Can a business coach help you advance your career or business? This article is a little off the beaten track, and has nothing directly to do with writing for the web. However, we are all employees and freelancers, as well as writers. We have careers or businesses to take care of. So how about coaching? Is it an effective way to get ahead? Can paying a business coach to talk with you over the phone really make a difference? I must admit to having a small demon on my shoulder when it comes to coaching. It's probably a second cousin to the demon who whispers in my ear when confronted by a therapist. Part of me is just daring the person to utter that awful phrase, "How does that make you feel?" Recently I went through a few months of coaching.

And here's the bottom line: I will make twice as much during the second half of this year as I did during the first half. And next year is looking even better.  So how does this weird magic work? How can talking with a business coach make that kind of a difference? My coach was Alan Allard. He's a patient man. I probably spent the first two sessions introducing him to my demon. After all, the guy used to be a therapist himself. And I think he came perilously close to asking me how I felt on a couple of occasions. For the first few sessions at least, I had very little idea of what he was trying to do with me. I couldn't quite figure out the process he was following. As it turned out, that didn't really matter.In fact, the entire experience was like trying to grab hold of mist.

What he did, with his cauldron and frogs and eyes of newt, was re-awaken a level of self-confidence I had somehow lost. Not just in myself, but in my work. (And no, I had no idea I had lost that level of self-confidence. That realization came as quite a shock to me.) Feeling good is one thing. Feeling good in a way that one can directly apply to one's work or business is quite another. In other words, he didn't just sugar coat me with a cloud of ethereal, feel-good encouragement. He gave me something I could take to the bank. I have no idea when or how it happened, but he quietly opened a couple of doors deep inside me and then stood back and waited.

And I guess that's his skill. To open or re-open doors. To enable people to tap into strengths and depths which they either never knew they had, or had somehow forgotten. Perhaps Alan won't thank me for describing him in a pointy hat with a large cauldron. I use the analogy simply because I can't unravel the mystery of how he made his magic. All I know is that it worked. So if you have a feeling that you're not moving ahead in your career as fast as you could, or that your freelance business should be booming, but isn't, consider engaging a business coach. And if you want to speak with Alan, he's a great coach and an outstanding person."

Nick Usborne, Author and Marketing Expert

"Alan Allard is an expert self-esteem builder."Phil Parmer, Ph.D, Chicago, IL

"Alan…thank you for all your wise insights…I truly respect and appreciate your work and our relationship."

Helen Lerner, CEO, Creative Expressions, Inc. (E-mail thanking me for being the coach expert on womenworking.com)

 About Alan's Speaking/Seminars/Keynotes/Breakout Sessions:

"What a great presentation! You have the ability to inspire while providing such insight into the realities of life and business...thought provoking...Thank you!!" JoAnn Corley, CEO, The Human Sphere

"Thank you for your recent seminar you conducted for our sales representatives. Your message was both well targeted and received. The feedback that I've gotten from my associates is already overwhelmingly positive. In our business, dealing with emotions and attitudes is most essential to success. That is why I believe your message was most appropriate for my representatives. They constantly have to deal with rejection, call reluctance and the emotional highs of their successes. Therefore, dealing with their emotions in these areas will certainly benefit them in their sales effort. Once again, Alan I look forward to a continued relationship."

Richard R. Mittman CLU, ChFC District Manager The Prudential West Dundee, IL

"I have experienced many workshops and seminars in the past 10 years, but none that has had the impact on me like this one. Your vast knowledge, sincere interest, and distinct teaching style made all the difference. You have empowered me to take my business and personal life to new heights, and I am grateful!" Christopher Cobb Re/Max of Naperville, IL.

"You amaze me! Your depth of knowledge with regard to the pertinent reading material is astounding."

Joy Dooley Lisle Township Youth and Family Services

"Your seminar was far more comprehensive than I expected and covered exactly what I needed to be more productive in my career...my production has increased steadily since the seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed your methods of teaching and felt your personal insights were priceless. I also appreciated how you followed up with phone calls to check on my progress a few weeks after the seminar was completed."

Larry Clipp Financial Planner Stockbroker

"Participating in your workshop, 'Creating Continual Patterns of Success' was refreshing and enlightening. The atmosphere was warm and genuine. I found your material to be cutting edge, and I wanted you to know that I began implementing ideas from your workshop immediately. Your grasp for the subject matter, humor, and heartfelt stories made the workshop most interesting. I plan to attend other workshops presented by you in the future, and I have already told several colleagues about the workshop."

Mark Sanders, Professional Speaker and Author

"Thank you for the inspiring and motivational 'Maximum Achievement' seminar that you presented...I have been applying many of the principles that were presented and have found them to be applicable not only on the job but in all aspects of my life. It is clear to me that the presentation of the material was enhanced greatly by your insights and personal skills. Your ability to understand and communicate how human emotions and thought processes function to make us who we are made the material come to life and find its application. Thanks again for a most enjoyable and profitable seminar!"

William Pyritz, Lucent Technologies

"Your teleseminar was informative and inspiring!"

Laurie Kelly Realtor/Broker 

"Speaking from a personal perspective--and 30 years working in a business environment, including management--I felt your 'Three Golden Keys' to 'Owning Your Career' were very on-point and a roadmap to success."

Peggy Terry Owner Exceptional Events Clinton, IA

"The workshop and presentation was very impacting. Somehow you have developed a clear, concise and energetic method of communicating self-development concepts, making them easier to retain. This effective method, coupled with your obvious passion for self-development and achievement creates an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Mark Sanders, Professional Speaker/Author

About Alan's Writing, Articles and Blog Postings:

Hi Alan, I am the Marketing Director at Career Coach Institute and would like to ask permission to reprint your article "The Power Of Language: How To Language Your Future" in our monthly newsletter. Many thanks! Iris Stein, Marketing Director Career Coach Instituted, founded by Marcia Bench, a former attorney who has shared the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Depak Chopra and other notable speakers. Marcia Bench is the author of several books including When 9 to 5 Isn't Enough and Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide.

Alan, you have eloquently gotten to the point with an argument I had not thought of. May I reprint your comments in an article I am writing on the subject?

Bob Bly, Author, Marketing Plan Handbook, Magnetic Selling, and How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Field and over twenty-five other books.

"You are the best! I just posted your blog post on our Twitter and FB page too. Tomorrow I’ll spread it around other social media sites." Helene Lerner.  Helene Lerner Helene is the CEO of Creative Expressions, Inc. and founder of womenworking.com. She is the author of more than nine books, an independent public television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer (more than 20 televised specials) and a Fortune 500 workplace consultant.

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