Sales Coaching/Training


There's a reason athletes have coaches.

Whoever is paying their salary knows their performance, without a coach (or multiple coaches) will be less than their performance with a coach.

No one argues with that.

I coach high sales performers or those ready to be on that level. Why?

Because they will give you the fastest and biggest return on your money.

Elite and strong performers haven't reached the limits of their potential, not by a long shot.

There's more inside them. (The question is how to get to it)

And unlike coaching average or under-performers, slight adjustments and small refinements make a significant difference in performance for high performers.

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* The Coaching Sales Leader: How to Challenge Your Higher Performers to Achieve Their Next Level of Sales Performance

* The Mental Game of Selling: The Secret to Selling More, Selling Faster and Selling Bigger

* Sales EQ: Sales Emotional Intelligence for Elite Sales Performance

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