Keynotes & Seminars

When you hire Alan to deliver a keynote speech, breakout session or workshop, you will get his unique combination of business acumen and expertise in behavior change and performance improvement.

When you discuss your needs with Alan, he will help you to keep your end goal in mind. What exactly are you wanting to achieve at the end of the day? How do you measure success and the value of your investment in terms of time and money?

He applies his 20+ years of expertise in behavior change and organizational dynamics to help individuals and teams dramatically improve their performance, manage their emotions for exceptional results and create relationships based upon trust, respect and a "partnership" mentality.

Alan is able to address and resolve issues that impede performance on the personal and organizational levels. Individuals and companies have blind spots and it pays to have fresh perspectives and insights to consider and act upon.

Alan takes the mystery out of what makes top performers consistently attain new heights and how to acquire their mindset and winning behaviors.

Keynotes and seminars can address these matters, give direction and build the momentum needed to raise performance and meet and exceed your desired outcomes.

Alan is that rare speaker and executive coach, because few speakers are effective coaches and few coaches are effective speakers. Alan is accomplished on both fronts, giving you a superb return on investment.

Organizations such as Alcatel-Lucent, McDonalds, United Way, Evonik, Cyanamid, The FBI, U.S. Marshals, Chicago Tribune and The Prudential have had their employees benefit from Alan's coaching and training. Why not join them?

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