Elite Sales Performance

Sales professionals attend training after training on what to do to increase their sales.

They learn a sales model, a sales process, how to "handle objections," how to prospect, how to present, how to articulate their value proposition, how to ask for the sale and more.

The result?

They leave with better information—but not with better performance.

(Yes, there are exceptions, but that's the point.)

Why are our results so disappointing? Why do salespeople fail to use their new (or reinforced) knowledge?

There are several answers to that question—yet, we're ignoring one key area:

The human equation in selling. The emotional side of selling.

The fact is, selling is emotional, from start to finish.

And that's what salespeople struggle with—their fear, self-doubt, and their estimation of themselves.

The key to improving sales results has to do with the human elements of selling, not the technical ones.

Just because we teach salespeople what to say when objections and resistance show up doesn't mean they have the confidence and inner self-value to do what they know to do.

Elite Sales Performance Begins in the Mind

What is it that sets high performers from the rest? (It's not necessarily their sales or product knowledge)

Elite performers have what others don't yet have:

  • "Bullet-Proof Self-Value" (They view themselves as equals and partners, not vendors)
  • "Bullet-Proof Confidence (They believe they can achieve what they want and handle setbacks)
  • "Bullet-Proof Optimism (They expect success and abundance)

Selling is Relational and Emotional From Start to Finish

Why don't all sales professionals prospect like they should, consistently ask for referrals or sell on value and not price?

It's not a knowledge problem—that's a simple problem to fix.

It's because their doubts, insecurities, and fear stop them—few know how to fix that problem.

Sales professionals know what to do—but their doubts, insecurities and fears get in their way.

They feel "less than" their prospects and even their clients.

In response to that, they seek approval and validation from prospects and clients.

When they get rejection instead, they freeze up.

You can't sell that way.

Elite sales performers feel equal to their prospects and clients. They're not vendors—they're partners bringing dramatic value and they own that.

Playing At the Top Of Your Game:

Elite performers take action and produce results.

But it's not because they're smarter or even more talented than the rest.

It's because they've mastered their doubts and fears, can easily connect with their prospects and clients and offer to be a resource to them that would be hard to find elsewhere.

That's the human side of selling:

  • The ability to stay confident and optimistic while under pressure and stress
  • The ability to listen, understand, empathize, and connect

The human equation in selling is the toughest part of sales training—and the most neglected part of sales training.

We keep telling salespeople WHAT to do without training them on the human elements of selling.

That's why I say " If you want to grow your sales, master the human factors of selling."

Then you'll be able to play a bigger game. The game you want. A game you love playing.

If things are going well and you want to be challenged, you're in the right place. The best time to play a bigger game is when you're at the top of your game.

Elite performers know the best return on investment is an investment in themselves. Sales leaders know the right investment in their teams produces dramatic returns in improved sales.

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