Coaching For Sales Improvement and Growth

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” - Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

Every single one of us can improve our performance and achieve more.

That includes the top ten percent of sales performers and your ultra high performers.

So why aren't we focusing more on this small but powerful group of sales professionals?

There are many reasons we don't focus on them—but those reasons are costing us far more than investing more in high performers ever will.

You want to increase sales but you'll only get so much from average performers and underperformers.

Even if they increase their sales by twenty percent, it pales in comparison to your best performers increasing their sales by twenty percent. (Think about that.)

Yet, high sales performers have their own mental and emotional ceiling of what they think is possible.

Coaching addresses that, and so much more.

The truth is high performers, ultra performers benefit and appreciate a coach who can accelerate their growth and success.

Someone who can, and will, challenge them to think differently, to think bigger and to know they haven't reached the apex of their potential.

Someone who listens deeply, asks incisive questions and listens on even deeper levels.

That's all part of what a powerful coach does.

But what is coaching?

Everyone is talking about coaching, but few understand coaching.

Let me tell you how I describe coaching:

“A relationship and process to unleash your best performance for exceptional results and fulfillment.”

And it's important we address the "fulfillment" aspect of selling and performance.

Performance that leads to burnout is short-sighted and foolish.

It's time we asked this question: What will raise the performance of your strongest salespeople—or yours, if you're a solo professional—and make everyone happier and more fulfilled in the process?

With that in mind, do your high performers want powerful coaching?( Or do you, if you're on your own?)

Effective coaching gives you:

  • More sales, faster sales, and bigger sales
  • Feedback others won't give you
  • Deeper self-awareness
  • Greater self-mastery
  • Leadership development for greater impact
  • A sounding board
  • A resource to resolve personal issues that undermine your career success
  • New perspectives to successfully negotiate constant change, uncertainty, and stress
  • Higher levels of EQ—Emotional Intelligence
  • A process that capitalizes on your natural strengths
  • A catalyst to accelerate your performance
  • A trusted advisor
  • A place to learn and master self-coaching

Let's start a conversation today. Call me at 678-778-9012 or email me to discuss any questions you might have about the return on investment from elite sales coaching for you or your team.