Mindset: Reaching the Destination you Want

Published on December 11, 2011 by

As you look back over 2011, what thoughts, images and feelings come up for you? Are you feeling good and congratulating yourself? If not why not?

Someone might answer with "Because this year hasn't gone so well for me. What I hoped for in the beginning hasn't happened, so I'm kind of bummed about it."

Someone else might answer, "I had a lot of highs this year but to be truthful, I missed a couple of really important goals I had set. I know I could have done better, so why haven't I?"

I would suggest that neither of these mindsets will help in getting off to a strong start for the new year. It's one thing to do an analysis of the past year and be honest about both sides of the coin; it's another thing to frame this year in a way that will likely move us in the wrong direction.

However your year is ending up, you are alive. You have a healthy brain and I would bet you have two or more good friends who are glad you are in their corner. You have family that loves you.

The question is, what will we focus on, remember and replay in our minds? Why not focus your mind on what will set your mind in the direction you want to go? Because what you focus on is what your subconscious mind and brain will move towards. In fact, what you focus on is what your subconscious mind and brain thinks you want now.

You've had disappointments, setbacks and maybe even some defeats? Okay, but what else do you have? What else do you have to remember and focus on that will put you in a resourceful place mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically?

Build a foundation of memories that make you feel good inside. Master the inner game so you can play a bigger outer game because that's how it works. The inner game decides the outer game. If you want to have a stronger year next year, begin with a stronger you. Pay attention to and relish what went right this year, big or small. Maybe you really have had a great year this year in many ways that you didn't realize.

Your mindset matters; make sure yours is in the direction you want to go. You can't change what has happened but you can always change your mindset about what has happened. Your mindset is like the sails on a boat. You can't determine direction of the wind but you can always determine the set of your sails. If you're not thrilled with where you are, adjust your mindset accordingly.


  1. Randall

    Yes, I agree Alan. What I focus on gets done. Those who focus on failures are doomed to repeat them. Those brick walls in life are there not to stop us, but to show the indominable spirit within us. For most of us, the goals we set are attainable. The time period may have been underestimated.

    • Alan Allard

      Thanks Randall, I always appreciate your comments. I like your reframe about the time involved in reaching our goals. It's not that we haven't reached a particular goal, it's that we haven't reached it just yet.

  2. Jonathan Lerma

    The mindset is a powerful thing! Great post... I constantly have to refocus my brain and when I do great things happen, but when I don't that is when results are nowhere to be found.

  3. Alan Allard

    Jonathan, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to having to consciously redirect our focus towards what we want. There is so much all around us that can get us thinking of what we don't have rather than what we do have. On the other hand, we can operate from the mindset of what I don't have will never stop me from using what I do have. We always have enough love, faith and determination if we find a way to tap into the amount we have.

  4. growingup

    Right! Ive often heard insanity is repeating the same misakes over again. I find iam always happier whilst accomplishing change...try to set 3 simple goals a week. The effort alone is fulfilling (taking the recycling, organizing X drawer or closet. Maybe all the three aren't achieved but participating and being present (actively) in my environment is extremely rewarding. It's literally "taking care"....and that promotes love.....for me, in my life, anyhow.

    • Alan Allard

      I agree with you that "the effort alone is fulfilling." Good to see you here again!

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