How To Build Your Confidence Fast!

Published on October 13, 2010 by

  Have you ever wondered why some people seem to set bigger goals and reach them faster than others who are aiming much lower?

 Their secret is simple: Self-confidence. (Okay, that's just one of their secrets!)

 Here are five ways to increase your self-confidence fast:

  •    Start a “Self-Confidence Journal”

Start a list of everything you’ve achieved in your life. Include everything, big and small.

 Record 1-5 things you achieve each day (or something in the past) that builds your confidence level as you think about them.

  •  Turn a deaf ear toward unsolicited advice or feedback

Does that seem a little harsh? If so, consider this:

Good feedback is priceless. The problem is that it's rare.

 Ninety-nine percent of all unsolicited advice is given to meet the needs of the one giving it, not yours.

If you listen to unsolicited feedback and your confidence takes a hit, you have two problems. The first is that you listened to feedback you didn't ask for. The second is that your confidence suffered from it.

I know of many professional speakers who get great reviews from almost everyone in their audience, but they focus on the few who gave them a bad review. What sense does that make? You really can't please everyone!

You and I are under no obligation to listen to someone who probably is dealing with limited information or who thinks they are an expert when they're not.

The bottom line? If you tend to doubt yourself, be very, very careful about

  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

 Few things will build your confidence faster than challenging yourself and finding what you’re really made of.

Start by challenging yourself in small ways and build up to bigger things. You'll be amazed at how quickly your confidence will blossom.

Get an "accountability partner" who will help you to venture out of what is comfortable.

  • Keep company with confident people

We become like those we spend the most time with. If you want to increase your income, spend time with those who make substantially more than you.

If you want to be more self-confident, spend time with those more confident than you.

  • Stay away from negative, pessimistic doom-sayers

Negativity, pessimism and "Chicken Little" thinking will erode your confidence. Someone who is pessimistic and negative in general will generally be negative about themselves... and about you. Without you realizing it, you’ll be doubting yourself and undermining your own confidence.

Now you have four ways to get more confidence fast.

'Start a confidence journal and write in it daily. List these four tips in the front of your journal. Then, make a habit of using it.

Record what you admire about yourself. List your strengths.

Document your achievements and your progress.

Before you know it, someone will be asking you, "Where did you get all that confidence?"


  1. Martha Giffen

    The company you keep is so important! You will look exactly like your sphere of influence. If you hang out with negative nellies, watch out! You'll be one before you know it! Self Esteem can be mastered easily if you make a conscious effort to hang with other self confident people. #blogboost

    • Alan Allard

      Hi Martha, thanks for your observations.

      "Negative Nellies..." very descriptive...what's the male equivilent, Negative Ned's?

  2. Bonnie

    Getting out of your comfort zone always is good advice but sounds so contridictory doesn't it. I think to myself well if it is so darn comfortable why leave? I have taken to looking at it as more of a 'stuck zone'.
    Thanks for putting these ideas out there!


    • Alan Allard

      Hi Bonnie, thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts. Whatever we call it, "comfort zone," "stuck zone" or "success trap," it's not that easy to get out of, or we would all be pushing the boundaries more often. My best to you in your coaching work.

  3. david

    I will try this Alan. I hope. I'm not really sure I will, but I think I will try it. It seems like it may even work on me if I am really lucky. Maybe 🙂
    I'll let you know how it goes.

    • Alan Allard

      Definitely let us know how it goes David. And no matter what happens, what's great is you did something different, experimented and got results of some sort to evaluate.

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