Are Your Leading Your Boss? Why You Should Be

Published on September 30, 2010 by

We all know that a boss is expected to lead his or her team. But what about your responsibility to lead your boss?

You might be thinking, "What do you mean, lead my boss? I'm not the boss!

Fair enough, yet, look at it this way: Anytime two people are communicating, one or both will be trying to exert some level of leadership.

If you want your boss to hear your idea out, it's your responsibility to lead her into the frame of mind to listen to you.

If you want more support from your boss, you have to get her to see how it's in her best interest to increase her support. That requires you to lead her from wherever she is, in terms of supporting you, to where you want her to be.

If you want a raise, it's your responsibility to be a leader and help your boss see how she can justify the raise you want.

Effective communication happens when someone takes responsibility to communicate clearly and effectively...that's what leaders do.

If you want a better relationship with your boss, if you want more responsibility, if you want a promotion, step out of the follower role and step into the leader role.

Leaders know what they want and they communicate their vision to others...that's what leaders do.

If your boss isn't following you at times, maybe it's because you're not leading!

If you're not getting enough of what you want and need from your boss, maybe it's because you're a great follower and not yet a great leader. At least when it comes to your boss.

Think about it...and let me know what you think!

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