Life Coaching

What Is Life Coaching Like?

Life coaching has become a familiar term but is still somewhat a mystery to many. How does it work?

In short, I partner with you to dramatically reduce the time and energy in achieving your most important goals in any area of your life. My 20+ years of experience in the psychology of achievement, personal change and in relationship coaching will make a difference in your life.

Because I am an expert in both personal transformation and couples coaching, there is no no need to try to figure things out on your own. We will quickly identify what you want to change or achieve and then get to work on removing hidden blocks that have held you back.

In your first coaching session, I will ask questions, listen carefully to what you are saying (and not saying) and I will answer any questions that come up for you as we begin. I will also map out what the next step will be for you, all in the first session.

At the end of the first session, I will give you specific direction and email you a template to create a "Life and Career Vision Statement" of what you want your life and career to be. Few have done this and that is one reason they are not getting more from themselves. You have to give your brain and your subconscious mind a clear and compelling picture of what you want.

Your subconscious mind is like a GPS and doesn't know what to to with vague or conflicting instructions. Saying you want to make more money is vague; saying you want to increase your income by "x" percent this year is clear and compelling. On the other hand, if you direct your subconscious mind to make more money but fail to clear up any subconscious money and prosperity blocks, you will likely end up being frustrated.

I am an expert on the subconscious mind and how to change it at an accelerated level. The key is to talk to  your subconscious mind in language it understands and accepts. If you ignore what is in your subconscious mind, your subconscious will simply ignore you.

In your coaching sessions, we will focus on what you want now and for the near future versus focusing on the past or on what hasn't been working.This may seem like a small thing, but it's not.

Most people can easily talk about their "problem" and what they don't want in their life or career. I make it easy for you to shift your focus to what you want and I will get you moving in that direction right away. If you think change is hard and takes a long, long time, you might be better off with a therapist than with me as your coach. Yes, there is work to do in achieving change, but most overestimate how hard it is or how long it will take.

Many therapists, coaches and books on the psychology of personal change teach that "change" is difficult and slow; that it takes a long time. Therapists and coaches are known to routinely ask, "How long have you had this problem?"

The implication is the longer you've had the problem, the longer it will take to resolve it! Yet, my experience has led me to believe that often, the longer you have been living with a problem, the easier it is to let go of it.

You know you are capable of more than you have achieved to date. You're tired of that and frustrated and that's puts you in a strong position to finally create something new, something better.

It is precisely that kind of thinking that my clients love. During the decade I was a therapist in full-time private practice, I earned a reputation for mastering "Brief Therapy" in addressing the most difficult challenges my clients were facing.

I took what I learned as an expert in behavior change, personal achievement and life transformation and brought it into the coaching realm. My experience will make a substantial difference in your life.

Having a confidential sounding board and someone to give you timely feedback and advice will speed up your progress and reduce your frustrations. You have blind spots when it comes to what is most important to you...and so do those closest to you. I am able to see what you and those closest to you don't.

I will see your strengths, your passion (do you know what yours is?) and will help you build on that. I will encourage you at times, gently push you at other times and always hold you accountable to do what you say you will do. That last one is big. Few people understand how much faster they can make changes or achieve their goals when they have someone that cares holding them accountable.

Getting Off To A Strong Start...

The bottom line is you get off to a fast and strong start in achieving positive and lasting change-- beginning with your first session. It's important to create momentum in the first session and I know how to do that.

You might be wondering why I stepped out of my private practice as a psychotherapist. If so, here's why:

Despite my success as a psychotherapist, I realized that I no longer wanted to "treat," "diagnose" or attach a label to anyone. (Such as "clinically depressed.") I have a strong belief that my clients can learn whatever they desire to learn, and in doing so, do extraordinary things with their life.

I will coach you how to change your...

Belief System (Let go of "self-limiting" beliefs on conscious and subconscious levels…and integrate the necessary beliefs to create the outcomes you want)
Emotional Patterns (Create patterns of feeling confident and resourceful)
Behavioral Patterns (Build in the subconscious and "automatic" behaviors that take you in the direction you want to go)
Relationship Dynamics (Create and nurture rapport, connection and fulfillment)

We will be partners to create positive change and I will help you develop new behaviors and new beliefs in a way that releases new energy, focus and power. It's about gaining more choice to do what you want with your life.

With my help, you will gain significant insight into how to coach yourself, perform at higher levels and enjoy your work and life more. And if you're like most of my clients, you will turn around and help others with your new skills, knowledge and confidence.

If that resonates with you, contact me today at 678-778-9012, email or use the "Contact Alan" button at top right side of this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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