Brilliant Communication Advice From a Rapper

Published on October 8, 2019 by


"Miscommunication is the number one cause of all problems; communication is your bridge to other people. Without it, there's nothing. So when it's damaged, you have to solve all these problems it creates."

-Earl Sweatshirt, Rapper

Thanks to Alan Weiss, Ph.D. for sharing this quote in his weekly ...

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Sorry Admiral McCraven But Your Advice On Performance Improvement Might Actually Hurt Performance

Published on September 9, 2019 by

An Elite Performance Tip for Salespeople (And applicable to all of us):

Admiral McCraven tells us that if we want to change the world, we should start by making our beds (in his video that went viral).

I say, maybe, maybe not.

Instead, find what works for you.


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Why We Don’t Perform to the Level of Our Potential

Published on July 24, 2019 by

John Foley was a Commander in the United States Navy, a pilot, and a member of the Blue Angels.

Now he is an author and speaker about performance and he recently wrote this in his newsletter:

"We as human beings don’t perform at our full potential; rather, we perform ...

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Outcome Goals Vs. Process Goals

Published on July 16, 2019 by

Over the past month, I've shared with a few clients the difference between outcome goals and process goals.

I'm not sure who first came up with the distinction but it's an important one.

If we consider various goals, such as to get married, to make a sale, to "lose weight", ...

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Content included this time: Why Are You Apologizing?

Published on July 9, 2019 by

I opened up an email yesterday from a salesperson trying to reach me and he began with, "I apologize if I'm bothering you..."

My first thought was, why are you apologizing for doing your job?

And, why apologize if you think you can help me in some way?

There's a ...

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Warren Buffett Is an Idiot And We Can Learn a Lot From Him

Published on May 5, 2019 by

You might be thinking I'm the idiot for saying Warren Buffett is an idiot. Fair enough.

But I'm only repeating what Mr. Buffett said about himself.

Just recently, his investment company invested in Amazon and here's what Mr. Buffet said:

  • "I’ve been an idiot for not buying (2019)
  • In 2018 Buffett ...
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Changing Human Behavior, Yours or Someone Else’s

Published on September 24, 2018 by

If you're human, there's been a time when you've tried to change something about yourself or your team at work or in your family  and you've failed.

Welcome to the club!

If you're a leader or manager, you can remember a time (or many times!) you wanted to pull your hair ...

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